Like most mums there is always something that you cant find in the market and believe there is a missing niche.

Ive always loved the idea of matching my boys with my husband, which has taken sometime in convincing him over the years i might add. 🙂

I think I have a unique style, with a little colour matching obsession, I love adult styles for tiny humans, everthing in tiny sizing is so much cuter right! so I have put my passion into action and designed Koko B Kulture.

The reason behind the name, when my children were babies they had quite bad eczema and cradle cap the only things that worked and we could’nt live without was organic coconut oil, so is our main company, body products yet to be released, Koko B Kulture is the clothing and accessories side of the business.

I hope you enjoy our quality and products as much as we have designing them for you. Family

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